What is an esophageal manometry?

Problems of swallowing, chest pain, stubborn heartburn and others sometimes result from esophagus diseases which require learning about the muscle and nerve functions of the esophagus, analyzing the “motility” (contraction or peristalsis patterns) and learning if there are abnormal levels of stomach acid in the esophagus. Manometry measures pressures; pH testing measures acidity; impedance examines how fluid passes up and down the esophagus.

How do I prepare for my procedure?

Prior to an esophageal manometry, a short period with an empty stomach is necessary but your clinician will get you specific instructions. Sometimes certain medications are stopped for a period of time before the testing. If you take any kind of acid blocker medicine be sure to know if this should be stopped ahead of time or continued as usual. Special diets ahead of time are not needed. If you are being referred by another gastroenterologist just for this testing, ordinarily our physician needs to see the records of that physician before doing the special tests.

Please see our Physiology Lab page for more detailed information.

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