Meet Dr. Samuel Mourani

Patient Philosophy

Dr. Mourani strives to provide the highest quality patient care in an environment encouraging compassion and respect for all individuals. He is focused on improving patient health through his expertise in advanced endoscopic procedures and through his passion to educate his patients using his vast knowledge in digestive disease disorders.

Specialties and Services

Gastrointestinal Endoscopy (Colonoscopy, Upper Endoscopy)

Colon Cancer Screening

Interventional Biliary Endoscopy (ERCP)

Hemorrhoidal Banding

Capsule Endoscopy

Professional Affiliations

Member of American Society for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy


About Dr. Mourani

Dr. Mourani is board certified in internal medicine and gastroenterology. He received his residency and fellowship training at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas, and completed additional fellowship training in advanced therapeutic gastrointestinal endoscopy. Dr. Mourani has expertise and special interest in complex therapeutic endoscopic procedures and in the early detection and prevention of colon cancer by performing a screening colonoscopy and polyp removal.

Dr. Mourani sees his patients at two convenient locations in Arcadia and Glendora and performs his endoscopic procedures at Valley Digestive Health Center in Arcadia. In 2009, Dr. Mourani chaired the Gastroenterology Section at Methodist Hospital in Arcadia.


Professional Publications

Mourani S, et al. Human Behavior in Health and Illness. Graduation thesis presented and published in Arabic, Damascus University School of Medicine, Damascus, Syria, 1988.

Barrett SA, Mourani S, Villareal CA, Gonzales JM, and Zimmerman JL. Rhabdomyolysis associated with status asthmaticus. Critical Care Medicine 21(1):151-153, 1993.

Mourani S, Dobbs SM, Genta RM, Tandon AK, and Yoffe B. Hepatitis A virus-associated cholecystitis. Annals of Internal Medicine 120(5):398-400, 1994.

Mourani S, Rabassa A, Zimmerman MS, Raed AK, and Cole RC. Outcome of elderly patients with gallbladder in-situ after endoscopic retrograde sphincterotomy for choledocholithiasis and/or gallstone pancreatitis. American Journal of Gastroenterology 90(9):1610, 1995. (Abstract). Presented at ACG 60th Annual Scientific Meeting ,Oct. 1995.

Raed AK, Yousfi MM, Mourani S, and Anand BS. Poor correlation between barium enema and colonoscopy. American Journal of Gastroenterology 90(9):1648, 1995. (Abstract). Presented at ACG 60th Annual Scientific Meeting, Oct. 1995.

Mourani S and Graham DY. Palliative treatment of esophageal cancer: New role of endoprostheses ?. Saudi Journal of Gastroenterology 2(2):57, 1996.

AkramS, Mourani S, Ou CN, Rognerud C, Sadiq R, and Goodgame RW. Assessment of Intestinal Permeability with a Two-Hour Urine Collection. Digestive Diseases and Science 43(9):1946-1950, 1998.

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